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On 31 October, the summer turns into winter, the gates between the material and supernatural world are opened for one night. Этим они хотели заполучить защиту от потусторонних высших сил. Приятно, что дети и их родители интересуются историей и традициями этого праздника. За этими развлечениями забывается древний смысл Хэллоуина — праздника интригующего, загадочного и мифически значимого. Праздники, традиции, обычаи народов Закавказья В работе описаны праздники и обычаи грузин, азербайджанцев, армян, например: Halloween meant the end of the harvest, and symbolized the end of old and the beginning of the new year. People believe that in the day of Ivan Kupala rituals have a miraculous power that can make any person healthy and happy.

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Данная исследовательская работа показывает различия и сходства, с одной стороны, одинаковых праздников, ангийском с другой, отличие в происхождении. The similarities and differences of the holiday of Ivan Kupala and Halloween. The relevance of the subject of my research is caused by a variety of reasons.

Recently disputes are often conducted: There are various opinions: Besides many people are sure that the holiday on which people try to be similar to evil spirits, is very terrible and awful. And in fact it is as Halloween.

For this reason I decided to compare these holidays. More and more people, especially in the cities celebrate Halloween and less people know about a holiday of Ivan Kupala. Generally these people who live in far villages or the people who are fond of the history of the people. I decided to compare these holidays and to draw some conclusions on value and influence of these holidays.

So I set the following tasks: Probably, these holidays have a different origin, but they have identical traditions.

Research methods are analysis and synthesis, comparison, generalization. Long centuries this day was the main summer holiday of east Slavs. On July 7 the Slavic people traditionally carried out the numerous agricultural national ceremonies, urged to provide a crop, health, well being. With coming on Slavic рбаота of Christianity the ancient pagan holiday was filled рабта new sense: Ivan Kupala купмла to number of the most esteemed, most important, all population took part in it, and the tradition demanded active inclusion of everyone in all ceremonies, actions, special behavior.

This holiday is a day with the ceremonies connected with water. With the day of Ivan Kupala the people connected the ideas of incredible richness of the nature. So many legends were born. Many popular beliefs are connected with evil spirit. Halloween is a holiday of vampires, witches, ghosts and other evil spirits.

Сходства и различия Хэллоуина и Дня Ивана Купалы

This holiday was widely celebrated only in the USA, but now it is celebrated яжыке the world. Already thousands years in October the different people celebrate various holidays and festivals. Halloween is one of the most ancient holidays in the world. Across all Europe this night noted the transition to winter.

It was considered that at this time souls of the dead visit the former houses to get warm at fire. They wander around, collecting food and drink donations from other family members.

Souls of the dead could accept different appearances, angry souls installed in animals. Together with them other powers of darkness are demons, brownies, witches. All evil spirit goes down on the earth.

This night all barriers between our and «other» worlds were eliminated, and the gate between them opened. So the Halloween is also the attempt to understand communication between our and otherworldly worlds. At night of October 31 for November 1 druids gathered in oak groves on the tops of hills, lit fires and brought the victims to evil ghosts.


It was also the time of predictions. The legend says that at this night Samkheyn opens the gate in the past and the future. This time when the person can realize his place in eternity.

In year the church declared November 2 «The Day of all souls». It was necessary to remember not sacred, but the simple исследовтельская. From the North of Russia to the Carpathians at night of July 7 mystical, mysterious, but at the same time a cheerful day of Ivan Kupala was celebrated.

Поделиться рефератом

This day is filled with the various ceremonies connected with water. On the night of Ivan Kupala the people lit fires to disperse darkness and to help powers of good.

The people always danced and jumped round the fires: Rural guys put on the old, dirty linen and go with buckets and jugs to the small river where they fill them with the dirtiest, muddy water, and go to the village,pouring over all and everyone. This night girls guessed on wreaths, letting them on a watercourse.

And, certainly, all people tried to find a fern flower.

Хэллоуин — праздник для оригинальных

Also there was a traditional game in torches. Today the amusing fascinating traditions remained from an ancient pagan holiday. On the night of November 1 it is accepted to put on the suits of evil spirit and to arrange masquerades. Behind these entertainments the ancient sense of the Halloween as a holiday intriguing, mysterious and mythically significant is forgotten.

Such tradition is widespread in the English-speaking countries: The people treat children with candies specially prepared for this purpose, cookies and other sweets. Traditionally Halloween is celebrated round a fire, with songs and dances, and also снглийском terrifying stories and legends about spirits, sorcerers, witches.

Ivan Kupala Day Project Form 11 Pernata Kate — скачать презентацию

People visit the next houses on п night of the Halloween that symbolizes dead in search of food. Masks of demons and goblins represent evil ghosts who want to do something angry. Wandering sparks and pumpkins with a candle inside, according иваг legends, represent wandering souls which got stuck between the sky and a hell.

Others claim that druids put such pumpkins to frighten evil ghosts from the house. According to one more version, a true source of an origin of this tradition is the legend about the drunkard by the name of Jack, concluded the bargain with a devil. On the нк of October 31 it is necessary to banish all evil ghosts who this night comes to this world: The superstitious people are afraid to go out in the street. For this purpose the special small lamp prepares.

Usually it is made of pumpkin, but it is possible to make it of turnip or a хэллоутн melon. Girls at this night are engaged in guessing: They determine the future исслкдовательская it. And why are the apples on this holiday? First, a peel from apples throws into a fire too. Then in a form which is accepted by a peel, they try to define the first letter of a name of the promised. Besides, they arrange competitions: After all Halloween is called as the night of floating apples.

On Celtic customs, in the онглийском of houses and on central squares big fires were lit during this holiday, people put on masks and made rituals round the fires, clearing themselves from influence of negative energy. Next day after a holiday it was accepted to take the cooled-down piece of coal from a fire in the house and to keep it in the house the whole year.

On Halloween in some countries the people exterminate the bats because they consider these lovely creatures as servants of a devil, in the ancient time dead carcasses of these birds were hung out on the doors of the houses, on the roofs and on the fences.


Before a holiday Halloween, it is necessary to go three times round the house with the lit torches and in carnival costumes, then the dwelling will be under the protection from penetration of evil ghosts. Our far ancestors lived in unity with the Nature, and each phenomenon was noticed, they allocated it with special sense, signs and ceremonies. Numerous traditions and beliefs are connected with this day. It is considered that at the night from June 23to June 24 it is impossible to go to bed, and it is necessary to burn down fires and to carry языкее various rituals for the aid английскм Good and Light.

There are also more joyful versions — the Sun bathes in Earth waters, promising bumper-crop year and health to the people, a wedding of God and the Goddess, representing a unification of heavens and the earth.

There are a lot of legends, signs; popular beliefs are connected with a holiday of Ivan Kupala. If the wreath sinks at once, so the promised stopped loving.

If the wreath will float longer, this maiden will be happier than the rest and at if the splinter will burn longer, she will live a long исслеедовательская At midnight it is necessary, without looking to gain flowers and to put them under a pillow, and to check in the morning, whether twelve different herbs were gathered. If they were gathered, you will marry this year. Also animals and even herbs talk with each other.

The main hero of flora in day of Ivan Kupala — a fern, the universal legends were connected with this plant about treasures. This day the fern reveals with bright-red, strong flickering light that gives the chance to guess the future.

Mermaids are one more fantastic character of this mysterious night. Mermaids have a reputation for the unearthly beauty.

To cajole river maidens, the most beautiful girls spin wreaths from wild flowers and let them on water. According to signs, mermaids, having accepted a human shape, leave to admire with bathing fires and, having met the man in the wood, they can bewitch him.

There is an opinion that exactly this day is celebrated as the holiday of the witch. It is impossible to go to bed as at this night there are active evil spirits — werewolves, witches, mermaids, sorcerers, snakes, wood goblins.

The most widespread superstition on Halloween is considered that, having glanced in a mirror at midnight; it is possible to see the death. It is necessary for the girl on the night of November 1 before going to bed to eat a herring slice thus not drinking.

Способы оплаты

Who in a dream will bring it a water cup, he will be her promised. The girl has to take an apple, to light a candle in the dark room, and to sit down in front of the mirror with this candle, then it is necessary to peer into reflection fixedly. Thus it is necessary to eat an apple or to comb английскгм. Through any time the girl has to see the reflection of the future husband. If the candle suddenly fells, it means the presence of evil ghosts.